Switch / hub / router – What are the differences?

A hub, switch and router are all devices that you might find on a network. Often you will find many routers contain a built in switch (multiple LAN ports)

A router is used to send data packets across different networks IE: your home network to the internet.

A hub and a switch are used to communicate with devices on the same network. However a switch is much more efficient in the manner in which it transmits these packets. A hub will send the packet it receives from a host to all connected devices to the hub. However, a switch remembers which device is connected on each port, and will only send the packet to that specific port the device is connected to. This improves the network efficiency, freeing bandwidth for other data applications.

Switches also go deeper, with more complex functions: There are both managed and unmanaged switches. Obviously, technology improves, and costs rise.

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