One of the many functions of many CCTV cameras, and CCTV DVR systems is their ability to broadcast a live feed to a remote location. Many CCTV systems include a web interface to do this, but many of us have multiple systems, or cameras – sometimes even from different brands. These systems might be located at different points on the same premises, or even spread across different sites.

When you want to view these streams, you might not want to view all of the cameras, or might want to view multiple cameras across different systems on a single user interface. Personally I use an open source software called iSpy for this. It comes with the added feature of being able to record the streams to your computer hard drive – although it does work out cheaper to use a paid cloud subscription. when you factor in failed hard disk drives, and the power consumption of a computer system etc.

One of the most common systems that I tend to install for most home users is a Swann CCTV security system. The reason being that they are cheap, high quality, and readily available. Although they aren’t the best system available, they are priced to exceed most requirements of home security systems.

One of the more advanced features is also that they have a build in dynamic DNS function, so as to enable you to access the system from outside of your network via the internet (please note you may need to configure firewalls). On the web interface of the Swann DVR it shows that the RTSP URL is as follows:

rtsp://[username]:[password]@[IP Address]:[RTSP Port]/ch0[Channel number]/[Stream Quality]

So, if adding a Swann DVR CCTV RTSP URL you use the following values: Stream Quality: Main = /0 and Sub = /1
Substream (Low Quality) feed: rtsp://[username]:[password]
Main (high quality) feed: rtsp://[username]:[password]

I find that the easiest way to test these feed URLs is by using an application such as VLC Media Player (although other options do work). On VLC Media Player you can add your video stream URL from the File Menu / Network Stream.

If VLC prompts you for a username and password, you can bypass this by adding the username and password after the protocol (http://, rtsp://, https://) in the following format:

protocol://[username]:[password]@[the rest of the url]

So in my example above if my username was username and my password was password, would become: http://username:[email protected]:8080/video

If you have enabled security on your devices (which is highly recommended – like a must), then you may need to take this into account when trying the feed URLs below.

Here is a list of some of the other most common DVR RTSP feeds that you can use to view your CCTV images.

Cheap Chinese: rtsp://[ip-address]:[rtsp port]/live12.264?user=[username]&passwd=[password]
Main stream: rtsp://IPAddress:554/udp/av0_0 1280720 Secondary stream: rtsp://IPAddress:554/udp/av0_1 640480
The third stream: rtsp://IPAddress:554/udp/av0_2 320240 Secondary stream + Audio: rtsp://IPAddress:554/udp/av1_1 640480

3S:: rtsp://IPAddress/cam1/h264
4XEM: rtsp://IPAddress/live.sdp
A-MTK: rtsp://IPAddress/media/media.amp
ABS: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4/1/media.amp
Absolutron: rtsp://IPAddress/image.mpg
ACTi: rtsp://
ACTi: rtsp://
Acumen: rtsp://IPAddress/mpg4/rtsp.amp
Airlink101: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4
AirLive: rtsp://IPAddress/video.mp4
ALinking: rtsp://IPAddress/cam1/mjpeg
ALinking: rtsp://IPAddress/cam1/mpeg4
ALinking: rtsp://IPAddress/cam1/h264
ALLIEDE: rtsp://IPAddress:555/0/1:1/main
Asante: rtsp://IPAddress/cam1/mpeg4
Asoni: rtsp://IPAddress/GetData.cgi
Asoni: rtsp://IPAddress/
Aviosys: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4
Aviosys: rtsp://IPAddress:8554/mpeg4
AVS: Uriel: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4
AVTech: rtsp://IPAddress/live/mpeg4
AVTech: rtsp://IPAddress/live/h264
AXIS: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4/media.amp
AXIS: rtsp://IPAddress/axis-media/media.amp
AXview: rtsp://IPAddress
Basler: rtsp://192.168.100.x/mpeg4
Basler: rtsp://IPAddress/h264?multicast
BiKal: IP: CCTV: rtsp://IPAddress/
BiKal: IP: CCTV: rtsp://IPAddress/
BlueJay: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4
Bosch: rtsp://
Bosch: rtsp://
Bosch: rtsp://
Brickcom: rtsp://
Canon: rtsp://
Canon: rtsp://
Canon: rtsp://
Canon: rtsp://
CBC-Ganz: rtsp://IPAddress/gnz_media/main
Cisco: rtsp://IPAddress/img/media.sav
Cisco: rtsp://IPAddress
Clairvoyant: MWR: rtsp://IPAddress/av0_0
CNB: rtsp://
CNB: rtsp://
Cohu: rtsp://IPAddress/stream1
Cohu: rtsp://IPAddress/cam
Compro: rtsp://IPAddress/medias1
Dahua: rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=1
D-Link: rtsp://IPAddress/play1.sdp
D-Link: rtsp://IPAddress/play2.sdp
Dallmeier: rtsp://IPAddress/encoder1
DoOurBest: rtsp://IPAddress/: ch0_0.h264
DVTel-IOimage: rtsp://IPAddress/ioImage/1
EagleVision: rtsp://IPAddress/11
EDIMAX: rtsp://IPAddress/ipcam.sdp
EDIMAX: rtsp://IPAddress/ipcam_h264.sdp
ENEO: rtsp://IPAddress/1/stream1
Etrovision: rtsp://IPAddress/rtpvideo1.sdp
EverWorldView: rtsp://IPAddress
EverFocus: rtsp://IPAddress/streaming/channels/0
Fine CCTV: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4
FLIR Systems: rtsp://IPAddress/ch0
FLIR Systems: rtsp://IPAddress/vis
FLIR Systems: rtsp://IPAddress:544/wfov
Foscam: rtsp://IPAddress/11
FSAN: RTSP://IPAddress/
Gadspot: rtsp://IPAddress/video.mp4
Genie: rtsp://IPAddress
Genius: rtsp://IPAddress/avn=2
GeoVision: rtsp://
Grandstream: rtsp://
GRUNDIG: rtsp://IPAddress/jpeg
GRUNDIG: rtsp://IPAddress/h264
GVI: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4
Hikvision: rtsp://
Hikvision HiLook IP Camera: rtsp://user:password@IP:554/11
Hikvision HiLook IP Camera: rtsp://user:password@IP:554/cam1
Hikvision HiLook IP Camera: rtsp://user:password@IP:554/live0.264
HuntElectronics: rtsp://IPAddress/video1+audio1
Ikegami: rtsp://IPAddress/stream1
iLink: rtsp://IPAddress
IndigoVision: rtsp://IPAddress
Infinova: rtsp://IPAddress/1.AMP
InnovativeSecurityDesigns: rtsp://IPAddress/stream1
INSTEK: DIGITAL: rtsp://IPAddress/
Intellinet: rtsp://IPAddress/video.mp4
Intellio: rtsp://IPAddress/
IONodes: rtsp://IPAddress/videoinput_1/h264_1/media.stm
IPUX: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4
IPx: rtsp://IPAddress/camera.stm
IQinVision: rtsp://IPAddress/now.mp4
IQinVision: rtsp://IPAddress/mp4
IRLAB: rtsp://IPAddress/
JVC: rtsp://IPAddress/PSIA/Streaming/channels/0
JVC: rtsp://IPAddress/PSIA/Streaming/channels/1
KARE: CSST-DIT: rtsp://IPAddress
KTC: rtsp://IPAddress/h264/
Launch: rtsp://IPAddress/0/username:password/main
Launch: rtsp://IPAddress:554/0/username:password/main
Laview: rtsp://IPAddress/
LevelOne: rtsp://IPAddress/access_code
LevelOne: rtsp://IPAddress/channel1
LevelOne: rtsp://IPAddress/live.sdp
LevelOne: rtsp://IPAddress/video.mp4
LevelOne: rtsp://IPAddress/h264
Linksys: rtsp://IPAddress/img/video.sav
Logitech: rtsp://IPAddress/HighResolutionVideo
Lorex: rtsp://IPAddress/video.mp4
Lumenera: rtsp://IPAddress/
LUXONVIDEO: rtsp://IPAddress/user_defined
Marmitek: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4
MaxVideo: rtsp://IPAddress/0/usrnm:pwd/main
MC Electronics: rtsp://IPAddress/
MeritLi-Lin: http://IPAddress: /rtsph264720p
MeritLi-Lin: http://IPAddress/rtsph2641080p
MeritLi-Lin: http://IPAddress: /rtsph264
MeritLi-Lin: http://IPAddress: /rtsph2641024p
MeritLi-Lin: rtsp://IPAddress/rtsph264
MeritLi-Lin: http://IPAddress: /rtspjpeg
MeritLi-Lin: http://IPAddress: /rtsph264
MESSOA: rtsp://
MESSOA: rtsp://
MESSOA: rtsp://
MESSOA: rtsp://
MicroDigital: rtsp://IPAddress/cam0_0
Moxa: rtsp://IPAddress/multicaststream
MultiPix: rtsp://IPAddress/video1
Onix: rtsp://IPAddress/cam0_0
OpenEye: rtsp://IPAddress/h264
Panasonic: rtsp://×48
Panasonic: rtsp://×480
Panasonic: rtsp://×240
Panasonic: rtsp://
Panasonic: rtsp://
Panasonic: rtsp://
Pelco: rtsp://IPAddress/stream1
PiXORD: rtsp://IPAddress
Planet: rtsp://IPAddress/ipcam.sdp
Planet: rtsp://IPAddress/ipcam_h264.sdp
Planet: rtsp://IPAddress/media/media.amp
PRIME: rtsp://IPAddress/cam1/h264/multicast
QihanTechnology: rtsp://IPAddress
Repotec: rtsp://IPAddress/cam1/mpeg4?user=’username’&pwd=’password’
SafeSky: rtsp://IPAddress
Samsung: rtsp://
Samsung: rtsp://
Samsung: rtsp://
Sanan: rtsp://IPAddress/
Sanyo: rtsp://
ScallopImaging: rtsp://IPAddress:8554/main
Sentry: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4
SeyeonTech: –
FlexWATCH: rtsp://IPAddress/cam0_1
Sharx: rtsp://IPAddress/live_mpeg4.sdp
Siemens: rtsp://IPAddress/img/video.asf
Siemens: rtsp://IPAddress/livestream
Siqura: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4
Siqura: rtsp://IPAddress/h264
Siqura: rtsp://: IPAddress/VideoInput/1/h264/1
Siqura: rtsp://: IPAddress/VideoInput/1/mpeg4/1
Sitecom: rtsp://IPAddress/img/video.sav
Sony: rtsp://IPAddress/media/video1
Sparklan: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4
Speco: rtsp://
StarDot: rtsp://IPAddress/nph-h264.cgi
StarVedia: rtsp://IPAddress/CAM_ID.password.mp2
StoreNet: rtsp://IPAddress/stream1
SuperCircuits: rtsp://IPAddress/ch0_unicast_firststream
SuperCircuits: rtsp://IPAddress/ch0_unicast_secondstream
SuperCircuits: rtsp://IPAddress/live/mpeg4
Swann: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4
TCLINK: rtsp://IPAddress/av2
TCLINK: rtsp://IPAddress/live.sdp
Topica: rtsp://IPAddress:7070
Topica: rtsp://IPAddress/h264/media.amp
TP-Link: rtsp://IPAddress/video.mp4
TRENDnet: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4
TRENDnet: rtsp://IPAddress/play1.sdp
Truen: rtsp://IPAddress/video1
Ubiquiti: rtsp://IPAddress/live/ch00_0
UDP: Technology: rtsp://IPAddress/ch0_unicast_firststream
Verint: rtsp://IPAddress
Vgsion: rtsp://IPAddress/11
Vicon: rtsp://{user:password}@IPAddress:7070/
Vicon: rtsp://IPAddress/access_name_for_stream_1_to_5
Vicon: rtsp://{user:password}@IPAddress:7070/
VICON: rtsp://IPAddress:8557/h264
Videolarm: rtsp://IPAddress/mpeg4/1/media.amp
VisionDigi: rtsp://IPAddress/
VisionhitechAmericas: rtsp://IPAddress/h264&basic_auth=
Visionite: rtsp://IPAddress
VISTA: rtsp://IPAddress/cam1/h264
VISTA: rtsp://IPAddress/
VITEK: rtsp://IPAddress/ch0.sdp
Vivotek: rtsp://
Weldex: rtsp://IPAddress:7070/h264
XM: rtsp://
Y-cam: rtsp://IPAddress/live_mpeg4.sdp
Yudor: rtsp://IPAddres s/
Zavio: rtsp://IPAddress/video.3gp
Zavio: rtsp://IPAddress/video.mp4