Network Installations and Upgrades

So, you’ve moved into a new premises? Got the WiFi installed, but it isn’t what you hoped for? Far too often people expect their ISP supplied router to do far more than it was designed to do. Your router is a mini computer – it has limited resources that every network interaction will take from. For a small home network a single router is often all that is needed – supplying network ports, wifi access point and acting as your gateway to the internet. However, if you increase the number of connected devices – then the size of the network increases. A larger network will use more system resources within your router – and it can soon be that the single router doesn’t have enough processing power and/or ram to process all of the tasks it needs to do. This means that the entire network will slow down. This can be resolved by distribution of your network across multiple devices – such as separate access points and switches.

Every organisation is different – and therefore what works for Organisation A may be overkill for Organisation B, but also insufficient for Organisation C. It is always a good idea to future-proof a network – you never know when you’re going to expand. But there’s no point in wasting money on buying the best of everything if it isn’t really going to help your own organisation. This is why we will always offer a recommendation based on the needs you describe to us.

We offer a bespoke network consultation and installation services. For more information Contact us to discuss your needs.