Google nest hello video doorbell

The Nest Hello video doorbell is a product from Google Nest, a brand that offers smart home devices and products. Here are some of the key versions available :

  1. Nest Hello Video Doorbell: This is the original version of the Nest Hello video doorbell. It features a high-definition camera with a 160-degree field of view, night vision, and HDR video for clear and detailed images. It also includes two-way audio communication and motion detection.
  2. Nest Hello with Google Nest Aware Subscription: This version of the Nest Hello doorbell includes all the features of the original version but also offers the option to subscribe to Google Nest Aware. Nest Aware provides additional cloud storage for video recordings, intelligent alerts, and advanced features like familiar face detection and custom activity zones.

Please note that Google Nest may have released new versions or made updates to their product lineup since my last update. For the latest information on Nest Hello versions and features, please feel free to contact us.

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