Different Ring video doorbell versions

Ring, which is now owned by Amazon, offers several versions of their popular video doorbells. Please note that Ring may have released new versions or updated their products after my last update. Here are some of the key versions currently available:

  1. Ring Video Doorbell: This is the basic version of the Ring doorbell. It offers features like HD video, two-way audio communication, motion detection, and live view. It can be powered by battery or hardwired to an existing doorbell setup.
  2. Ring Video Doorbell 2: The second-generation Ring doorbell includes all the features of the original Ring Video Doorbell but with added improvements, such as 1080p video resolution and a removable rechargeable battery.
  3. Ring Video Doorbell 3: The Ring Video Doorbell 3 builds on the features of its predecessors with enhanced motion detection, adjustable motion zones, and dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity for improved reliability.
  4. Ring Video Doorbell 4: This version includes features like color pre-roll video, which captures the moments leading up to a motion event, helping provide more context to the notification.
  5. Ring Video Doorbell Pro: The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a slimmer version designed for professional installation. It offers advanced motion detection and customization options, as well as the option for direct hardwired power.
  6. Ring Video Doorbell Elite: This is a premium model that requires professional installation and is designed for Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity. It provides the most reliable and consistent power and internet connection.
  7. Ring Video Doorbell (Battery): This version is similar to the original Ring Video Doorbell but is powered solely by a removable, rechargeable battery, making it suitable for locations without existing doorbell wiring.
  8. Ring Video Doorbell Wired: The Ring Video Doorbell Wired is a compact and budget-friendly option designed to be hardwired to an existing doorbell setup for continuous power.
  9. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2: This version is an upgrade to the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, offering improved video quality with 1536p resolution and 3D motion detection using radar technology.

Please note that Ring may have introduced new versions or made updates to their product lineup since my last update. For the latest information on Ring doorbell versions and features, get in touch with us.

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