Protect those CCTV cameras!

Case Study A few days after installing a new CCTV system for a client, the system was attacked. The client had previously had a CCTV system installed. The previous system was stolen during a recent break in. The new system comprised of a new Swann DVR (digital video recorder), four cameras, and a number of… Continue reading Protect those CCTV cameras!

CCTV Cages – Stop people easily smashing your cameras off the wall

There are a number of different options available for you to protect your CCTV camera equipment from vandalism and damage. Some of them are easy, some of them a little harder to manage. Take a look at some of these products and remember to add them to your amazon basket, even if you don’t to… Continue reading CCTV Cages – Stop people easily smashing your cameras off the wall

The Swann DVR

One of the most popular CCTV systems that many home users and businesses use are from Swann. They offer reliability, and high specifications at reasonable pricing. They offer much better value for money when compared to cheaper unbranded options available. The newer “Enforcer” models have built in alarms, and lighting which actively alert intruders that… Continue reading The Swann DVR


One of the many functions of many CCTV cameras, and CCTV DVR systems is their ability to broadcast a live feed to a remote location. Many CCTV systems include a web interface to do this, but many of us have multiple systems, or cameras – sometimes even from different brands. These systems might be located… Continue reading CCTV RTSP Streams

Why would I use wired sockets

Installing a wired network socket is the same idea as installing a telephone extension point in a different room – for example a kitchen, or bedroom. It provides the flexibility to plug in and unplug devices without the need to leave a trailing cable. This is especially useful in areas which have multiple uses: IE:… Continue reading Why would I use wired sockets

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