The Swann DVR

One of the most popular CCTV systems that many home users and businesses use are from Swann. They offer reliability, and high specifications at reasonable pricing. They offer much better value for money when compared to cheaper unbranded options available.

The newer “Enforcer” models have built in alarms, and lighting which actively alert intruders that they are being filmed – which often will send them packing. Obviously. This isn’t always the case. This is where other features, such as the Cloud storage options come into play. In a burglary, thieves will often look for and take a CCTV recorder with them. If this happens to you, then the evidence is taken with them.

With Swann’s cloud backup options you can store the footage to Dropbox etc. This means that even if your DVR is stolen, you will still have the evidence safely secured in your Dropbox account.

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Take a look at some offers for the Swann Enforcer system – and don’t forget to save it to your Amazon cart so you’ve got that link for later.

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