Our Pricing Structure

Whilst it isn’t possible to give you a fixed price for a job without seeing the site – and noting that our pricing structure varies depending on the work we are undertaking. We aim to be as transparent with our pricing as possible. Therefore: generally our fees are as follows:

  • £60 – First hour on site, including local travel (within 15 miles radius of CV36 4PQ)
  • £45 – Each follow-up hour on the same job – even if these hours spread across multiple days.
  • Mileage rates: £0.45/mile after 15 miles from CV36 4PQ. If you’re premises is 25 miles away (we will use google maps to determine the mileage by the most appropriate route if there are any disputes with mileage) – expect to be billed as: (25×2)-30=20 miles. 20 miles multiplied by 45p = £9.

There is a minimum of one hour fee for most site calls – but we always aim to fix the issues on the day of the call where possible.

If there is substantial work to be completed (IE: configuring multiple access points, etc) then pricing can be arranged on a job basis – however, as with anything, sometimes you win – sometimes you lose. If we agree a fixed price and a per hour pricing structure would of saved you money – the price quoted will be the price invoiced.

Understand also that whilst the initial hour is £60 – it does not mean that we earn £60 per hour. It may take an hour or more to drive to the premises and another hour to get back. This means that including the hour on site there has been three hours worked. Then there is accounting for other time, such as invoicing, quotations, product searches, etc. Plus expenses such as legal registrations and bills (telephone, internet, equipment, tools, fuel, transportation etc).

Typical fixed price installation costs: