WiFi Extensions and Upgrades

One of the most common complaints with today’s broadband internet services is the poor WIFI coverage. There are numerous reasons for this, but to name just a few things that can cause issues:

  • structural materials
  • size of property
  • the number of devices
  • the location of the main WiFi access point
  • devices within the home causing interference
  • the property’s electrical supply causing interference
  • and sometimes, your device would actually be better using a wired ethernet cable!

There are many improvements which you can employ to improve your WIFI signal. Some of them you can even complete yourself. However, we can then move on into more complex setups. The costs of performing these upgrades may seem cheap, but when considering all of the additional tools you may require, the costs can soon mount up. This makes it more economical to get somebody else in to do the job.

From installing additional WiFi access points, to a load balanced router, we can help you out. For a free initial telephone/WhatsApp consultation, please feel free to contact us.