Why would I use wired sockets

Installing a wired network socket is the same idea as installing a telephone extension point in a different room – for example a kitchen, or bedroom. It provides the flexibility to plug in and unplug devices without the need to leave a trailing cable. This is especially useful in areas which have multiple uses: IE: Dining room offices.

A network socket will leave a clean presentation, and eliminate your need to throw a bundle of network cable into the corner when you don’t need to plug in a printer, or laptop.

It can also be useful if you need to use a device which requires a lot of bandwidth – such as a gaming PC, or console.

We always recommend a socket installed using a full eight wire network cable. This leaves the flexibility for splitters and other adapters to be used at a later date.

If you’d like to discuss expanding and upgrading your own network, then please feel free to contact us.