Installing a SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera

The SimpliSafe doorbell needs to be hardwired. Many people will purchase the bell, to only learn that you need to have an existing doorbell to install it. But don’t worry just yet! There are a number of different options for running the doorbell wiring. You can add a new hardwired transformer, directly off the consumer unit (what most people will refer to as a fuse box) or a fused spur by using a bell transformer. Alternatively, you can use a plug in adapter that simply plugs into a standard mains socket. This then drops the voltage down to the low voltages required by the SimpliSafe doorbell.

How to Install a SimpliSafe Doorbell without a Existing Doorbell

In order to install a SimpliSafe doorbell camera without an existing doorbell, you will need to purchase a 18 VAC doorbell power supply adapter that gets plugged into an outlet near the door. From there, you can drill a small hole to run the wiring to the outside of the home.

Voltage Requirements for SimpliSafe Doorbell Cameras

You can use a power supply with a voltage output anywhere between a 8-24 volts AC for this camera. It is recommended to have a 16 volt adapter for the best experience.

Does the SimpliSafe doorbell hook up to my existing chime?

If you have an existing doorbell, the SimpliSafe doorbell camera will utilize your existing doorbell chime. There isn’t usually much additional work needed. However, if you don’t have an existing doorbell then you will need to look at other options if you want something to play a chime within the house.

Does SimpliSafe doorbell need to be hardwired?

Yes this camera does need to be hardwired in. There are no options to place a battery inside of the camera. Other cameras, such as the Ring doorbell 3, use batteries so you don’t need to worry about hard-wiring it.

What if I don’t have an existing chime?

If you don’t have an existing doorbell chime, you can use the base station or just depend on the app. The base will be able to play a chime whenever the doorbell is pushed because of a new software update recently put out. The other option is to just download the app and set up alerts to your phone.

Does the SimpliSafe doorbell work without a chime?

Yes, it works even without a chime box. It only requires that it be plugged in and you will need WiFi if you want to stream it to your phone. Even if you don’t want to use one of the options above, there is no need to have a chime at all. Although most people would prefer one.

Is it worth it?

Wiring up the doorbell is a great option to not have to worry about recharging the batteries. Meaning you can simply get the bell installed and not have to worry about recharging it to have the power of the SimpliSafe doorbell camera to secure your home. As with any product, there are many different suppliers out there. They all usually work well. But if you need to discuss your installation, or would like to have us come and complete your installation for you then please contact us.

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