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Ubiquiti Networks is a well-known company that provides a wide range of networking products and solutions. Their products are designed to cater to both consumer and enterprise-level needs, offering reliable and cost-effective networking solutions.

Some of the key installations and products they offer include:

1. **Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points (APs):** Ubiquiti’s UniFi APs are popular for their performance, scalability, and ease of management. They are used to create seamless wireless networks for homes, businesses, schools, and other organizations.

2. **UniFi Security Gateways (USGs):** These are integrated security appliances that provide advanced firewall policies and routing capabilities to secure and optimize network traffic.

3. **UniFi Switches:** Ubiquiti offers managed switches with various port configurations, providing efficient network connectivity and power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capabilities for devices like access points and IP cameras.

4. **UniFi Video Surveillance:** Ubiquiti’s UniFi Video system enables users to deploy IP cameras for comprehensive surveillance solutions with advanced features like video analytics and centralized management.

5. **UniFi VoIP Phones:** Ubiquiti’s VoIP phones offer reliable communication solutions for businesses with features like high-definition audio, seamless integration with UniFi controllers, and scalability.

6. **AmpliFi:** Ubiquiti’s AmpliFi product line focuses on providing easy-to-use mesh WiFi systems for home users, ensuring strong and reliable WiFi coverage throughout the house.

7. **AirFiber:** Ubiquiti’s AirFiber series offers point-to-point wireless backhaul solutions with high throughput and long-range capabilities, ideal for connecting remote locations or extending network coverage.

8. **EdgeMAX Routers:** The EdgeMAX series offers powerful routing and network security features for enterprise-level networking needs.

9. **Ubiquiti Network Management Software:** Ubiquiti’s UniFi Controller software provides centralized management and monitoring capabilities for their networking devices, making it easy to configure, monitor, and maintain the network.

Ubiquiti Networks is known for its emphasis on performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, making their products popular among network administrators and IT professionals. Whether it’s for home use, small businesses, or large enterprise deployments, Ubiquiti’s products offer a range of options to meet diverse networking requirements.

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