television wall mounting services near me

Pearsall Tech Smart Home Installation Services offer television wall mounting services in Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire and the West Midlands. We offer competitive rates and can supply brackets suitable for the type of wall and TV that you have.

Not all television wall mounting brackets are suitable for every type of wall. With our experience we can advise you on the best products and the suitability for these products for your own TV wall mounting.

Installation Process

We will unpack the customer supplied TV and check the TV unit for any damage. We will take any photos of the packaging if there are any concerns.

We will then proceed to install your TV unit as per the booked service.

Connect Smart TV with the existing wireless network.

Connect all non configurable devices, such as: TV Box, game console, Blu-ray player

Take photo of the completed installation from relevant angles

Provide the demonstration / tutorial as booked by the customer

Fix TV to wall using a customer supplied wall bracket (we will ensure that it is suitable for the size, weight and wall type – if we deem that the basket isn’t suitable we may need to rebook which could incur a cancellation fee).

The engineer will provide mini-trunk down to associated TV Devices / power and aerial sockets.

If you have purchased a SMART TV, the TV will be connected to the existing network and the installer will demonstrate the SMART TV features (you will need an existing network).

If a SMART TV has not been purchased, the engineer will demonstrate the basic functionalities of the TV Introduction / brief tutorial.

You may need additional services or products on the day. Which we may be able to provide (for example cables, wi-fi extenders, brackets etc) but these may incur an extra charge.