Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Computers are sensitive devices. They require regular maintenance – just like your car. However, many people overlook the need for this maintenance which can often result in damage to hardware.

Have you noticed that your devices are slowing down? Feel the need that “it’s old” so you need to replace it? Well usually it simply needs a bit of maintenance.

We offer quality services which range from full clean outs, reformat and system restores to hardware upgrades, and replacement systems.

A “daily driver” can get issues from the dust and dirt surrounding the machine. This dust is often sucked into the machine by cooling fans (either on the processor, graphics cards, or inside power supplies) and pushed into all of those tiny little gaps which are intended to keep the heat dissipating from your system components. This can then result in what is known as “thermal throttling” – where the computer slows the tasks down, so as not to cook itself. This can often be resolved by a thorough clean of the internal components.

Another common fault is where the operating system of the computer (such as Windows) will install system drivers that aren’t the most compatible. System drivers are files that tell the operating system how to communicate with connected devices and how those devices are supposed to work.

On top of this, there’s also the fact that old system restore points, temp files, and years of old unused data can block up a system hard drive. But there are many other issues that can slow your computer processing speed.

If you’d like to discuss a repair, upgrade or anything else then please contact us.