Hive Mini Smart Thermostat Installation Service in and around Shipston on Stour CV36 / Stratford upon Avon CV37

We install all types of thermostats, but thanks to it’s cheap price, and full package of features, the Hive Mini is by far the most often installed smart thermostat.

Priced at just £109.99 (with professional installation setting you back another £120 within our standard service area) you can’t go wrong.

We can supply and fit, or simply install your Hive Active Heating thermostat at a convenient time – be that mornings, afternoons, weekends, or early evenings. Installations typically take about an hour, with a demonstration – and quick non rushed tutorial / demonstration of the product.

The hive mini is made up of three parts:

The Hive Hub – this is the central node to your home’s Hive network. It plugs into your router, and gives your heating access to the internet – which lets your phone, or tablets connect to your heating. This gives you full control no matter where you are in the world * (you’ll obviously need internet access).

The Hive Heating receiver – This is the switching box which tells your boiler / heating system to fire up. It’s usually located next to your boiler – or in a dark cupboard near your hot water tank. Don’t worry – You don’t really need to touch this.

The actually thermostat – This is what measures the room temperature. Back in the day’s gone by, it would be located in your cold, drafty hallway (*shudders*), but now, people tend to find the place that works for themselves. You can have this wall mounted, leave it on a desk on it’s back, or buy a fancy stand to place it on a sideboard / table – just don’t place it too near to heat sources such as radiators / cookers.

Give us a call on 07500 877 690, or drop us a WhatsApp message if you’re looking for a swift installation service. We don’t only install Hive either. We’re Google Nest Pro’s (Pro ID: 144-0C4).