What CCTV system is right for me?

The type of CCTV system that you have installed at your property can vary depending on a number of factors:

  • The size of your premises.
  • Do you want external, internal or both cameras
  • What security needs do you have?
  • Wired or wireless: You’ll need professional help to install wired systems.
  • Do you need to have a cloud storage backup?
  • Do you want “Wireless” cameras or wired cameras?

The size of your premises will affect the number of cameras you will need to have installed. A smaller property can be covered by a smaller number of cameras, a larger property may need more cameras to protect the property fully.

Internal cameras are usually cheaper to purchase than external cameras. The main reason for this being external cameras need to be weatherproof.

Your security needs will affect the pricing. If you need multiple angles on a certain area, you will obviously need multiple cameras. Obviously, a single camera facing the correct direction can usually cover a large enough area to meet your needs.

Wireless CCTV systems often easier to install. They offer you greater flexibility as you won’t need to contend with wires or conduit being visible on the outside of your property.
Whilst the initial purchase cost of a wireless system will be approximately double that of a wired system, the installation savings can offset a large proportion of the purchase cost.

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