Wayne Pearsall

About Wayne Pearsall

Photograph of Wayne PearsallWayne Pearsall is the Owner / Manager of Personal Host Web HostingEWSearch and a Photographer in Dublin.  He has been in the technology industry for over twelve years.  After finishing High School at St Michael’s High, he went onto college where he studied various ICT courses.

During 2004 Wayne travelled and worked in Finland with a small group of colleagues from College where he worked as a trainee technician at the Espoo Institute of Business.  This was in additon to starting up a small software development company (Web-Software Inc,).

Wayne has worked on a number of software programs, such as Top Browser, Password Crypt, TWC IM and TWC Chat.

Wayne is Married to Meliana Pearsall and has three children: Joshua, Chloe and Charlie.

You can find Wayne on the following social media websites: